• Virgin rubber alternative
    Cheap, Green and Effective!
  • NGR can replace up to
    70% of virgin rubber
    without any loss of quality.
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    Devulcanization Technologies.


We are an environmental technology company engaged in R&D and
production of innovative natural and synthetic rubber alternatives.

In 2014 we invented a new raw material called NGR - Next Generation Rubber.

NGR can replace up to 70% of natural & synthetic rubber of your product.

Cheaper, eco-friendly, and without any loss of quality!

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What is NGR?

Next Generation Rubber is the patented virgin rubber replacement compound which can replace up to 70% of natural/synthetic rubber of a product without no or very slight decrease in quality.

NGR® can be used in the production of high-quality rubber goods, including tires

Ngr applications

NGR can be added to fresh rubber compound formulas decreasing the quantity of natural & synthetic rubber substance without loss of quality.

NGR can replace custom & specially engineered compounds in varying proportions, depending on the specification of the final compound.

Passenger Tires

Industrial Tires

Solid Tires


Rubber Pipes

Conveyor Belts

Hoses and Belts

Rubber Mats

Shoe Soles

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NGR® compounds decrease the price of rubber products to end consumer by up to 30%

Example of practical application of NGR® products in tire production

By using NGR, producers benefit from transforming the rubber waste back into qualitative raw material and use it again in the manufacturing of new rubber goods.

NGR Of particular interest for companies involved in

Tire Manufacturing

Tire Retreading

Rubber Compounding

Waste Tire Recycling

General Rubber Goods Manufacturing

Why use NGR?

  • NGR closely matches natural & synthetic rubber characteristics.
  • NGR is much cheaper than virgin rubber.
  • NGR can replace natural & synthetic rubber (up to 70%), and, partially carbon black without loss of quality.
  • Much higher added value & significant cost savings for your products.
  • NGR is more effective & cheaper than world’s other similar solutions.
  • NGR is simple in production. The whole process is mechanical-chemical reaction and carried out at room temperature.
  • NGR is 100% environmentally safe. No dangerous chemicals are used and no hazardous emissions during production.
  • NGR is tested and proven by world’s leading laboratories.
  • NGR production and all related technologies are patented and certified under ISO 9001:2008.

How NGR is made?

NGR rubber is extracted (devulcanized) from pre-selected end-of-life car or truck tires.

The tire / truck rubber is devulcanized, the sulphur cross links in the polymer chain uncoupled, but its chemical composition is not changed.

Vulcanised Rubber

Devulcanised Rubber

Mechano-chemical treatment also creates highly developed surface of NGR that increases its interaction with virgin rubber.

Vulcanised Rubber (Source)

NGR (Devulcanised)

NGR production and devulcanisation is based on mechano-chemical processes using our Next Generation Devulcanizer which is now patented. 

The process is a mechanochemical reaction by nature, is such that it requires mechanical shear to expose fresh crumb surfaces so that the modifier reactant can effectively uncouple the sulphur cross links in the polymer chain.

Applied devulcanization process is based on the recognized effectiveness of several chemical reactions: free radical R• , organic cations R+ and acid / base A+ / B-.

The synergy between these reactions and tribologic effects in mechanical shear devices leads to the degree of devulcanization above 80% as determined by ASTM D 6814 standard.

The special equipment and technology allow us to obtain clean rubber crumb as an end product which does not contain any textile or steel wire.

In order to effectively uncouple the sulphur cross links in the polymer chain, the crumbs are going through  mechano-chemical reaction with our patented devulcanizer.

Following the mechano-chemical reaction  the obtained rubber can be re-used in manufacturing of PRODUCTS OF HIGH QUALITY RUBBER without degrading any of its properties.

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We are Green

Next Generation Rubber: an innovative solution with environmental and business sense

DEVULCANIZATION LTD is focused on reduction of discrepancy between high growth in demand of rubber, low production from recycling industry and high volumes of accumulated rubber waste.

The increased demand in rubber tires results in the growth of waste rubber and stockpiles around the globe:

  • Total amount of rubber recycled at its end-of-life:3−15%
  • Amount of waste rubber re-used in some way (e.g.,retreading, new products and so on): 5−23%
  • Amount of waste rubber consumed for energy recovery:25−60%
  • Amount of waste rubber sent to landfill or stockpiled:20−30%

Next Generation Rubber technology helps to:

  • Recycle the world’s stock of rubber & tire waste
  • Reuse recycled rubber in production of new products without sacrificing quality
  • Reduce world consumption of oil and rubber trees

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Request your FREE NGR sample for testing

We are ready to furnish out you with the samples of NGR in sufficient quantity and provide with all the necessary additional information.

Besides that you can send us 1 tone of your raw rubber crumb, and the list of properties, which you’d like to obtain in the new material, we shell, free of charge, process your material and modify it, and then return you back.

About us

DEVULCANIZATION LTD team turns rubber recycling into a commercially viable and environmentally clean process.

Our innovative and experienced management team ensures sustainability and viability of the project.

DEVULCANIZATION LTD is a Company engaging in environmental technology:

  • R&D of innovative natural and synthetic rubber alternatives.
  • R&D of modern methods of waste rubber de-vulcanization.
  • R&D of solutions for specific ecological problems in the field.
  • Sales of licenses for the use of its technological solutions.
  • Manufacturing of next generation ecofriendly equipment used in waste tire utilization.
  • Building ready to use innovative and ecofriendly tire recycling plants.
  • Financing programs elaboration, and product development services.
  • Joint ventures with local organisations, for construction of recycling facilities.

Technologies & Solutions

Devulcanization process

Ozone Rubber Destruction

NGR – Next Generation Rubber

NGD - Next Generation Devulcanizer

Tested by Laboratories

DEVULCANIZATION technological accomplishments has been tested by independent research laboratories and institutes.

Certificates available upon request.

The team at DEVULCANIZATION LTD adopted a business model that allows efficient transfer of the know-how to partners and clients

Partnership & Cooperation

Licensing and transfer of know-how is a short cut to producing high quality rubber products and lower costs:

Opportunity for Licensing

  • The license to use NGR ® technology for de-vulcanization of waste rubber and production of NGR ® products.
  • Turn-key construction of the production plant for the Licensees with all necessary equipment.
  • Necessary quantity of NGD® de-vulcanizer for production of NGR ® products.
  • Territorial exclusivity in selected regions.
  • Staff training and continuous consultation.
Tailored Solution

Required investment depend on individual specifications of the licensee and initial assessment of needs i.e. production capacity, geographical exclusivity, level of automatisation of the plant etc.

Availability of financing

Launching a plant with NGR® technology is an eco-friendly project which in some countries is subsidies by the government and additional financing is available through various programs, including from EC.

Required Investments

Exact calculation of required investments and overall costs is provided to potential licensees on demand.

Expected result

  • Modern, environmentally friendly and highly automated Next Generation Rubber production plant.
  • Significant cost saving in production of rubber compounds or end rubber products through use of NGR ® technology, including NGD ® de-vulcanizer.
  • Increased flexibility in production of high-quality rubber end products and overall competitiveness in rubber industry.
  • Decrease in business risk for companies in the rubber industry by eliminating the dependency on oil (used to produce synthetic rubber) and saving rubber trees (needed for extraction of natural rubber).
  • Quick return on investments. Estimated ROI time – 2,5 years

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The company is constantly looking for international cooperation.

DEVULCANIZATION LTD welcomes large corporations, governments and small businesses to become its partners.

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